New G9 Firmware and Stage Rallying

Something a little different for a change.

Panasonic recently issued a new firmware update for the G9, one of the supposed changes was to the autofocus algorithms to improve the performance in continuous mode.

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That Volcano Again

If you approach La Oliva from the north there is a point at which my favourite volcano (Montaña de Frontón) looms above the church of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria – the problem is it is difficult to find a good place to stand to capture an image.

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Sunset Fizzle

It was all looking so promising.

Good sunsets have been a rare thing of late in Fuerteventura – the photographers curse of cloud on the horizon has been an all to frequent phenomenon over recent weeks.  But this evening looked promising for a decent El Cotillo show, cloud was moving down from the north giving some nice broken cloud over the island but the sky to the west over the Atlantic was clear so it looked good for the sun getting under the island cloud and thus giving that much desired fiery show.

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The Fence

On the way back from the expedition to the coast I spotted a large goat farm with many goats – there used to be goats all over Fuerteventura but I think it is an industry that is dying out – not surprisingly since I think young Fueteventurans would rather surf or open a coffee shop that herd goats and who can blame them. Frankly goats stink !

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