About Me

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand” – Ansel Adams

I’m no Ansel Adams but I live in hope.

My name is Ian I am an enthusiastic photographer that likes to travel.

This blog is about my journey from the world of “Full Fat” DSLR photography to a lighter, fresher format – micro four thirds (m43).  I decided to sell all my Canon DSLR camera equipment that I had collected over many years, as I was increasingly finding it difficult to travel it with due to the weight and bulk.  It will be interesting to see if m43 can deliver images of the quality that my DSLRs have been capable of – it will no doubt be a learning curve. Follow along – it may just be something you should consider – your back and bank balance will thank you for it.

In the past I have captured images with my Canon gear like these in the UK:

These in Tanzania:

And these in Finland:



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