G9 Diffraction Limit

Diffraction is an optical effect which limits the total resolution of a camera — no matter how many megapixels the camera sensor has.  It happens because light begins to disperse or “diffract” when passing through the small opening that is the lens aperture.  The smaller the aperture the greater the diffraction.

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Exposure Lift Colour Cast

There have been a couple of reports online of a magenta colour cast appearing when G9 raw files are exposure lifted in Adobe Lightroom.  I have to date not noticed this myself although I have to say I am not wholly convinced by Lightroom’s raw conversion of the G9 files.  It may well be that I have not noticed this reported issue since I tend to ensure that I do not significantly under-expose images and therefore tend not to have lift exposure significantly in post processing.

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Lumix G9 First Impressions – Ergonomics

Panasonic have clearly spent a lot of time working on the ergonomics of the G9 and it really shows.  They have managed to squeeze into a relatively compact body the best features of both m43 and DSLR formats.  In the hand this camera feels superb – it is as good if not better to handle than any other camera that I am aware of and feels exceptionally well built.  For me it is neither too big nor too heavy.

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My Low Calorie Strategy

A mirrorless camera from Sony with one of their great sensors is surely the way forward – that was my initial thought based on all the talk about the size advantages of such cameras. But here’s the thing – the Sony mirrorless cameras are in essence just like any DSLR but without the mirror, the lenses are to all intent and purposes the same size and weight as my Canon offerings, so yes you can save a few grams and centemeters on the camera body but in the overall scheme of things little is to be gained.

So what to do ?

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New Year – New Blog – New Diet

Well the new year is here and like many my mind has turned to the matter of weight.  Over the years my photographic journey has lead to ever increasing weight gain – gear weight gain that is.  A Full Fat (Full Frame) diet with increasing consumption of bloated f2.8 lenses has seen my “camera bag” now routinely hitting 15kg and at times well over 20kg.

This blog will be about my journey in a new world of low calorie photography and a reinvigoration of my photographic spirit hopefully in a far more manageable way.


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