Nothing spells spring more than dappled light falling on an English Bluebell wood and of course this is a busy time for photographers.

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Blue Hour & Dust

I have yet to capture a good sunset with the G9 – not because the G9 isn’t capable but because I have not seen a decent sunset for what feels like months – we really are having some odd weather in Western Europe this year with spring seemingly bypassed and summer still some way over the horizon.

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On a ridge above the village of La Oliva about 100m or so apart sit two dissused but intact Canarian Windmills – they should make good photographic subjects – but here’s the thing, they are tricky subjects – finding a good place to stand is just alot harder than it looks particularly if you want to capture both in the same image, so much so that I have yet to master that image.  In the meantime here is the best I have managed of just one of the mills.  This is a contra-jour image captured as five bracketed images and processed as an HDR image with the sacred Tindaya Mountain as a backdrop.

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Question: What does the perfect Volcano look like ?

Answer: Like this.

Every time I see this volcano near La Oliva it makes me smile – just like a volcano I would have drawn as a kid.



It is a feat of some endurance to get to Cofete – 20km of rough track including a substantial climb over the ridge that runs along the Jandia peninsular – but it is worth it as the view from Punta de Vista Sober Puerto de Montana as you cross the ridge is certainly the finest in Fuerteventura with the Playa Cofete (Barlavento) and a substantial part of the west coast of the island stretched out before you.  This really is a Good Place to Stand.

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Landscape Update

My first attempt at a landscape with the G9 and PL 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 here yielded mixed results, all be it in rather tricky lighting.  My major concern was the amount of noise apparent in the shadows even at base iso of 200, my conclusion was that in such circumstances it is critical with the G9s relatively small sensor not to underexpose.

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